Aasha Charity Projects

Total donations to date : £122,241

Current projects

Project Name Amount
COVID 19 - Food Bank - Stoke On Trent UK £3210
COVID - I9 - Food Aid - Salem Corporation Sanitation workers - LOTUS Home - Tamil Nadu India £3635

Completed Projects

Project Name Amount
WORD Girls School project £2482
Tribal Women Livelihood Project £2675
Kerala Flood Relief £5536
Children watch – Dengue prevention £1709
Government College electrification £2372
Seed Bank project, Pothanur, WORD £2166
THI organic farming £3266
Children watch – Dengue prevention £1709
Government College electrification £2372
UHNM Charity £750
Seed Bank project, Pothanur, WORD £2166
THI organic farming £3266
NIRMAAN women empowerment £2468
Dual desks project for college £2384
Aasha dental clinic £2700
Safe drinking water project (WORD) £1750
ShriKeshava Trust £4432
THI new ward and equipment £2600
ARMDS special school £1032
100 cataract surgeries - VIO project £3000
Youth for Seva - School kit drive £604
THI Craft Initiative £1800
Arunodaya Rehab Support £1885
THI organic farming £1250
Project Paravai £350
MEANS elderly home project £1788
Jeevajothi Library project £3685
Cyclone Thane relief £2875
Project little hands £1400
Ruwsec Cancer screening project £1127
Dean foundation palliative project £500
Arunodhaya support £1200
RUWSEC ECG and autoclave £975
Mithra equipment £500
Ruwsec Laboratory project £720
Kailash Ashram Computer £302

Safe Drinking water Project (Project value: £1750)

  • Provision of safe drinking water for 2 government schools in Pothanur, Namakkal district, Tamilnadu– coordinated by WORD – Women’s Organization for Rural Development (NGO)
  • 136 school children benefit from borewells and hand pumps installed by Aasha

Dual desk projects – Telengana (Project value: £2384)

  • Aasha funded ward 100 benches to KNM Government college in Telengana
  • Project coordinated by Mr. Mohan, N.V.Lakshmi Foundation and ECK Development Trust, Telengana

Aasha Dental Clinic, Tribal Health Initiative, Sittlingi, TN

  • Aasha recently funded THI to set up a dental clinic to benefit people of Sitlingi
  • Currently, the nearest dental clinic is 50 km away for the residents
  • Aashahas funded £2700 toward the clinic set up to provide the following:
    • Dental procedure chair
    • LC Unit
    • Compressor
    • Micromotor
    • X ray unit
    • Airotor
    • Wiring, plumbing and consumables

Completed Projects in the past - A Bird's Eyeview

Arpanam Special school (ARMDS)

ARMDS special school for physically and mentally challenged children approached Aasha for support to their infrastructure expenses for the day care nursery at Villupuram, Tamilnadu. We received very good references about the sincere charitable work carried out by this organisation and the executive committee agreed to fund towards their initial infrastructure expenses.  Aasha donated £1032 toward provision of caretaker, uniform, day care equipment including bedding and pillows for small children, kitchen equipment, milk and snacks during school hours.

100 cataract surgeries project

Aasha has funded £3000 towards"100 cataract surgeries" in association with Vittala Institute of Ophthalmology and Shri Kesava Trust. We profoundly thank Dr Jagadish Sadasivaiah for coordinating this project, which restored vision for 100 poor people, free of cost.   Jag and his friend raised £1770 for Aasha to support this project by running the London 10K run in 2013. We feel proud to work with an esteemed organisation like VIO who believe that no person shall go blind for the want of money or care. http://www.viio.org

Vio AashaJag

Youth for Seva (Chennai) - School kit drive

May 2013 - £604

Youth for Seva is a youth voluntary organization which support government schools, hospital and NGOs. They designed 'school kit drive' to provide essential items needed for regular education. Every school kit contained a school bag with 10 note books to write, stationary set and a geometry set for senior school pupils. The drive was intended to motivate children and assist parents who cannot afford to buy the above. This is one of the several interventions by YFS to reduce the school drop out rates in young children.

Aasha has funded for 200 school kits for children studying in state run schools in chennai at a cost of £604. Please find the report at the link below.

Youth for Seva School kit drive 2013 report

Tribal Health Initiative - Crafts project (Porgai)

We joined hands with Tribal Health Initiative again following the successful completion of the organic farming project. This project provided training in tailoring and other crafts to help farmers in Sitlingi Valley to generate more income to support their families. Project value £1800.

Arunodaya Rehabilitation support

Our trustees and representatives have visited Arunodaya Mano Vikasa Kendram following our previous support to them in 2011. We are impressed by the excellent work they do towards education and rehabilitation of disabled children. We have agreed to sponsor for rehabilitation and training expenses for 6 poor children this year. Project value £1885

Tribal Health Initiative (THI) - Organic farming project

THI is an organisation working with tribal population in the remote village called Sitlingi in Dharmapuri district Of Tamilnadu. The proposed project consists of support for augmenting organic farming. Active promotion of organic farming is one of the key pillars of THI as it not only promotes health, but also provides a sustainable good income to the farmers and is economic and eco friendly. Aasha feels proud to support a dedicated organization like THI that make difference to the lives of people at grass root level. Website worth visiting - www.tribalhealth.org

How did Aasha help organic farming in Sitlingi Valley?

Jeeva Jyothi Orphanage

A Children's orphanage in Coimbatore, TamilNadu, is in need of funds to complete the final stage of their building construction. The proposed building provides library facilities to the children in orphanage which will in turn promote advancement of education and knowledge among the residents.

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MEANS project

MEANS is a registered, secular, non-profit, voluntary organization, dedicated to medical, educational and nature services based in Hyderabad. It was established in 1994, registered under the Societies Act, 12/A, U/S 80G and FCRA. This is the first elders home setup with bedside medication, round the clock medical, nursing and caretaker services helping people who are down trodden and below the poverty line. It is run professionally by medical doctors, eminent social workers and philanthropists from various walks of life. MEANS sought help from Aasha charity for refurbishment of the current bath and toilet facilities for the residents. This included installation of new commodes, wash basins and bath area, repair of the current plumbing work, anti-skid bathroom floor tiles, replace old doors to   with flush doors, exhaust fans etc. This project was coordinated by our trustee Mr. Konduru. Aasha has donated £1788 pounds toward the refurbishment.

Paravai -project

"Children's paravai" is a small NGO in Madurai working for upliftment of downtrodden members of society like narikuravar and kudukudupay people. They have requested Aasha's suport to provide around 50 children school uniforms, slippers and books. We thank Dr.Krishnan Swaminathan for supporting and coordinating this project. Report and photos to follow soon. (Project Value: £350).

Cyclone Thane Relief

Recent cyclone in Cuddalore district, Tamilnadu has left lot of people homeless and without medical facilities. The Indian medical association (IMA) of Cuddalore had approached Aasha for disaster relief and support. Aasha has donated £2875 towards relief efforts which was greatly appreciated by affected people.

asha apollo

Project little hands

This is a life changing project for children born with hand deformities. Aasha has provided funding for surgical correction of deformities for 6 children at a cost of £1400. We profoundly thank and congratulate Dr K Swaminathan and Dr Terrence Jose, consultants at Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Madurai for embarking on this great mission.

"Hindu Press Coverage"

Cervical cancer screening program by RUWSEC

Cervical Cancer screening programs in villages have poor uptake because of myths and ignorance about the disease. RUWSEC team have established that a vigorous campaign using leaflets, public announcements and street shows would increase uptake of screening programs. They have therefore requested Aasha to provide funding towards their awareness campaign which precede the screening program by a few days. Aasha has contributed expenses towards cervical cancer screening campaign for 10 villages (Project value £1127).


Arunodhaya Project

Arunodhaya Manovikasa kendram is a non profit making school run by a non- governemental organisation called AWARD that caters to the needs of physically and mentally challenged children in Bhimavaram in Andhra Pradhesh, India. A very motivated team of social workers, teachers and physiotherapists run the day school in makeshift huts built on rented premises. The premises were visited by one of our executive members who were very impressed with the services provided by Arunodaya. Further to their request, Aasha has agreed to sponsor expenses for four children who belong to very poor families towards their education and rehabilitation. We are exploring options for permanent shelter to Arunodaya's excellent services (Project value £1200).

RUWSEC projects

August 2008 - Project Pulseox

We have donated a pulse oximeter, an equipment used to monitor pulse rate, oxygen levels and blood pressure in patients undergoing anaesthesia for various operations. This has considerably improved the safety of patients during anaesthesia at Rural Women's Social Education Centre (RUWSEC) hospital based at Thirukazhukundram, Tamilnadu, India.


February 2009 - Project ECG We have donated £500 towards an ECG machine to be used at RUWSEC hospital. This will assist in the care of patients with a suspected heart attack.

May 2009 - Project Autoclave

We have donated £475 for an autoclave (an equipment used to sterilize surgical instruments) to RUWSEC reproductive health clinic.

May 2009 - Project Kailash Ashramam

Kailash Ashramam is an ashram run by Sri Sarada Vidya Seva trust, a charity organisation in Madras(Chennai), India. The charity runs an evening school to help with education, yoga and other life skills to poor children aged 5-15. The state schools in the region have poor infrastructure and facilities. Dr Gudimetla, trustee, has visited the place during his trip to India to assess their needs. We have provided a computer to benefit the educational needs of the children. We are very grateful to Mr Vishal Mehta for his generous donation towards this project.


Project MITHRA

MITHRA (Madras Institute to Habilitate Retarded Afflicted) is a non-profit, non governmental organization based at Chennai, working for the rehabilitation of physically and mentally challenged children and adults. MITHRA offers variety of services for the disabled, which includes special education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and vocational training like envelope making, carpentry and candle making in addition to residential facilities. There is also an in house manufacturing unit, run by inmates, for the production of crutches, calipers and special frames required for rehabilitation. Our secretary has recently visited MITHRA and was very impressed with the facilities and services provided by the organization.

We have donated a computerized therapeutic muscle stimulator, home gym and a multi-function manual treadmill to MITHRA. The cost of the equipment was £500.

RUWSEC Lab Project

Aasha has donated £720 GBP (Approx Rs 50,000) towards improvement of laboratory facilities at RUWSEC health clinic. It has been allocated to purchase a binocular microscope for the laboratory which would be of valuable help in the diagnosis of conditions like anaemia, tuberculosis, malaria and other common illnesses.

Project Dean Foundation

Dean Foundation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based at Chennai that provides care to terminally ill patients dying of cancer and other serious illnesses, also known as palliative care. This includes provision of powerful pain killers like morphine for patients suffering from cancer pain, wound care, help with feeding etc., which are currently not available under government health care in India, except the state of Kerala. Dean Foundation looks after some of these patients in their out patient clinic and at home by a special palliative care team. They are also trying hard to incorporate palliative care into government health setup in India.

Recently, Dean foundation has been granted a pilot project by the government at Kanchipuram district in Tamilnadu. If successful, provision of palliative care could be extended to 6 other districts under government health care. Dean foundation have made an appeal to Aasha requesting help towards buying medicines and consumables like urinary catheters, feeding tubes and dressing packs. The government grant was just adequate to set up the infrastructure and staff the service. It was agreed in our trustee meeting to fund £500 pounds towards their cause.

Visit www.deanfoundation.org to learn more about Dean Foundation